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  1. Sponsored Link 5

    KHER KEDBA FARID ALATRACHE ARABIC MOVIE DVD film old SKU: AKHER KEDBA FARID ALATRACHE great dvd get yours now movie in black and white STARTING: FARID ALATRACHE SAMIA JAMAL ISMAEL YASIN the movie have English subtitles thank u for looking

  2. Dora children-kids-cartoon-dvd in Arabic on 5 DVDS مغامرات دورا

    This is the adventure of dora the explorer in Arabic language this set comes on 5 dvds and it consists of 50 episodes and overall is about 14 hours of fun with dora, each one of them has a different story, its very eductional for both girls and boys loves it, it even teachs numbers in letters and words in both arabic and english language (its mostly arabic) a full of adventures dvds it also has diago in some episodes, it comes in great quality no subtitles of any kind, just arabic language (proper ...

  3. arabic dvd SALADIN ENG SUB movie,film ahmed mazher SALAH EDDIN with En

    the true story about the great king Saladin ,, That old wonderful masterpiece directed by youssef shahin in the late 60's, starring ahmad mazhar, mariam fakhr el-din, nadia lotfy, salah zul-faqqar, layla fawzy, hamdy gheith, omar el-hariry, layla taher and bunch of stars. it is english subtitled اسم الفيلم : الناصر صلاح الدين الأبطال : أحمد مظهر – نادية لطفى إخراج : يوسف شاهين

  4. Muhammed he Last Prophet arabic dvds arabic cartoon

    Muhammed ( peace be upon him )The Last Prophet arabic dvds arabic cartoon قصة سيدنا محمد خاتم الأنبياء Stoy of Prophet Muhammed ( peace be upon him ) Muhammed The Last Prophet Arabic cartoon great Educational dvd for kids This groundbreaking animated film is set around 1400 years ago during the early years of Islam. The film relates the events that unfolded and led to the rise of Islam by telling the story of the Prophet (peace be upon him). in keeping with Islamic tradition the person of the ...

  5. ARABIC CARTOON dvd CINDERELLA 1 Egyptian dialect

    his is CINDERELLA 1 movie in Arabic language it comes in great quality with enjoy it. LANGUAGE: ARABIC (Egyptian dialect)


    West Beyrouth WEST BEIRUT ARABIC Movie with ENGLISH SUBTITLES hi everyone this is a great movie to get this is a litle bit about the movie and please check my other dvd i have big collection It is Beirut, 1975. Tarek, Omar, and May are teenagers roaming the streets, listening to pop music and making super 8 films. School has been closed, and the city has been split into the Christian-controlled East Beirut and the Muslim militia-controlled West Beirut, where the teens live. They are forced to grow ...

  7. Occupation 101 Voices of the Silenced Majority dvd

    Occupation 101 - Voices of the Silenced Majority (Documentary) (2007) Product Description A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and US government involvement. 'Occupation 101' presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never-ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions. The film also details life under Israeli military rule, the role of ...

  8. ahmed deedat arabic bible debate & jimmy swaggart dvd debate lecture

    the debate comes in 2 dvds in english with no subtitles is the bible is god word ? how many bible we have right now ? great debate between ahmed deedat and the christian famous writer priest jimmy swaggart so many questions .. must see Do muslums belive in jesus christ ? all these questions will be answerd in that great dvd who should watch it ??? anyone who is really looking for the truth the dvd is in English A Brief Biography of Jimmy Swaggart Go ye into all the world and preach the ...

  9. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea VHS tapes

    From the 1987 Walt Disney Wonderworks series, this set of four VHS tapes bring to life two of the bestselling novels by author Lucy Maud Montgomery which tell the heartwarming story of spunky Anne (with an e!), who was orphaned at an early age and adopted by a loving brother and sister who raised her in the idyllic setting of Prince Edward Island. A must see for all girls aged 5 to 105! Please note: I don't accept personal checks. I do accept Paypal, cashier's checks, money orders and good old ...

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  2. Arabic latest movie dvd for Adel emam 2010 zahimer  فيلم زهايمر

    Product Description يجسد عادل خلال أحداث الفيلم شخصية محمود شعيب رجل الأعمال الغني المصاب بالزهايمر و الذي يطمع أبنائه في ثروته فيقيمون دعوى أمام القضاء للحجر على أمواله و تعيينهم أوصياء عليه بطولة عادل إمام نيللي كريم فتحي عبدالوهاب أحمد رزق رانيا يوسف أحمد راتب لطفي لبيب محمد الصاوي هناء عبدالفتاح إيمان السيد سعيد صالح إسعاد يونس تأليف نادر صلاح الدين اif you like to order please contact us thank you خراج عمرو عرفة

  3. Arabic cartoon dvd MADAGASCAR part 2 proper arabic (fus-ha) مدغشقر الج

    Arabic cartoon dvd MADAGASCAR part 2 proper arabic (fus-ha) مدغشقر الجزء الثاني if you like to order please contact us

  4. Arabic series cartoon SALAH ALDIN القائد التاريخي صلاح الدين الأيوبي

    This is the very very famous children arabic cartoon series called SALAH ALDIN 26 EPISODES in best quality comes on 1 dvds enjoy it, هذا المسلسل مستوحى من شخصية القائد التاريخي الفذ "صلاح الدين الأيوبي" ويحاكي بأسلوب خيالي حيّ مسيرة ومغامرات الشاب "صلاح الدين" للكشف عن مختلف جوانب الحياته. و يعتبر هذا المسلسل الكرتوني ثلاثي الأبعاد،أول إنتاج مشترك بين بلدين (ماليزيا وقطر)، وكشفوا أن أنتاجه استغرق ثلاث سنوات. SALAH ALDIN SERIES صلاح الدين البطل الاسطوره Format: WORLDWIDE proper arabic (fus-ha) ...

  5. Arabic cartoon dvd TOM AND JERRY SERIES مسلسل توم و جيري مدبلج

    Product Description TOM AND JERRY SERIES مسلسل توم و جيري مدبلج Format: WORLDWIDE proper arabic (fus-ha) if you like to order please contact us thank you

  6. Arabian Sindabd 9 dvds set the world most effective arabic language le

    Product Description A large team of animators, storytellers, Arabic language teaching experts and new media creative game developers have completed the second edition of the renowned Arabian Sinbad "Arabic Language Treasure" package. The 18 cartoon episodes utilize the renowned “Immersion & Repetition Method” which plunges the viewer into the new language as if he or she were an explorer in that country! 24+ cute and hilarious cartoon characters who join superstar Arabian Sinbad; a young sailor with ...

  7. arabic dvd madrest ADEL EMAM egyptian play film movie funniest play fo

    Product Description funniest play for Adil imam (Madrest el moshagbeen)school of criminals مدرسة المشا غبينgreat play for عادل إمام سعيد صالح سهير البابلي Adel Emam , A comical play where Miss Ismat is a teacher who is trying to teach a bunch of students in a school of terrors, when she turns out to start teaching them good manners.Here the funny events start to take place. for more movies or play for adel emam please check my store i have great collection for adel emam movies and play if ...


    Product Description دريد لحام :ملح وسكر Duraid laham :melh w sukar Black and white Mr. Green Comedy and Crying or Very sad Drama Region free work on any dvd player worldwide if you like to order please contact us thank you


    Product Description THIS IS THE 50 Years War: Israel AND THE ARABS COMES IN 2 DVDs in english the bitter 50-year war between the Israelis and Arabs i do not have the orginal box for the dvd but i have a bonus gift music cd freeeeeeee buy it now and get free audio cd music mix from the middle east turkey ,egypt ,isreal ,..... real midlle east music free when u buy it now 50 Years War - Israel and the Arabs The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbors is given comprehensive ...

  10. Arabic DVD The War of Lebanon Harb lebnan with english subtitles

    Product Description Arabic DVD The War of Lebanon Harb lebnan with English subtitles comes on 4 dvds awesome Documentary The War of Lebanon is a 4 DVD, 15-part documentary produced exclusively by Al Jazeera Satellite Channel. This 2-year project cost several hundred thousand dollars and entailed filming over 150 hours of interviews with the major players in the events that took place in Lebanon between 1976 - 1990. The idea for the War of Lebanon stemmed from the need to document a critical and ...


    ARABIC DVD DURIAD LAHAM GHAWAR SAH ALNOM SERIES SYRIAN DVDS دريد لحام Product Description Sahe Noum - Lebanese TV Series دريد لحام- 5 DVDS - 20 Episodes (Arabic DVD) DURID LAHAM (GHAWAR ALTOSHI) 5 Discs/Dvds , 20 Episodes. Complete series of the famous Lebanese comedy series Sahe Noum. Product Features: Color: Yes Original Language: Arabic Subtitles: None Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Region: NTSC, all regions (zones) if you like to order please contact us thank you

  12. arabic dvd fairuz live concert in las vegas Fariouz

    Product Description فيروز This is a memorable concert that Fairuz performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, the 15th of May, 1999. I quote from the DVD: "13600 tickets were sold" and Fairuz was "awarded the Key of Las Vegas". The DVD is directed by none other than Fairuz's daughter Rima Rahbani; distributed by the reputable Sabbah Media Corporation . This DVD is an NTSC region 1 format. The DVD program runs in two parts: 1. Disc 01 "Karrab Al Maweed". Runs for 75 minutes and ...

  13. arabic dvd ring for sale fairuz بياع الخواتم / فيروز و نصري شمس الدين

    arabic dvd ring for sale fairuz lebanse movies Fariouz Product Description بياع الخواتم / فيروز و نصري شمس الدين يبدأ الفيلم (وهو مأخوذ عن مسرحية بنفس العنوان للأخوين رحباني، مع تعديلات بسيطة) بتنويه غنائي من السيدة فيروز بأن ما سنشاهده قصة كتبها بإحدى الليالي إنسان ضجر.. خلق الضيعة بناسها وأمكنتها وقصصها.. هذه الضيعة الصغيرة ذات العادات الغريبة والجميلة -كعيد العزابي السنوي- يحاول مختارها (نصري شمس الدين) أن يقنع الأهالي بأنه دئماً يحميهم من رجل مجهول يريد بهم وبضيعتهم سوءاً ما.. يخترع المختار ...

  14. arabic dvd ahmed zaki days of sadat movie film eng sub

    Product Description Ayam Alsadat (The Days of Sadat) The film spans some 30 years of the life of Anwar El Sadat, from the pre-revolutionary era when the late president was part of the British resistance, to his assassination in1981 . Though the movie shows some of the man's private moments, including a peculiar romantic scene where the young Anwar and his future wife, Jihan, see a fortuneteller, however, its main focus is on many of the political events that shaped the country at that time. Ahmad ...

  15. arabic DVD aymna el helwa abdel haleem omar sharif film ايامنا الحلوه

    Product Description ايامنا الحلوه أيامنا الحلوة Ayyamna al-Holwa listen Our Best Days or Our Beautiful Days) is a 1955 Egyptian romance/musical film directed and co-written by the Egyptian film director and writer Helmy Halim. It starred Abdel Halim Hafez, Ahmed Ramzy, Omar Sharif, and Faten Hamama. In 1996, during the Egyptian Cinema centennial, this film was selected one of the best 150 Egyptian film productions. Main cast * Faten Hamama as Hoda * Omar Sharif as Ahmed * Abdel Halim Hafez as ...

  16. arabic dvd dananeer om kolthom film movie فلم دنانيير ام كلثوم

    great movie for om kolthom , the movie is black and white and have eng sub DANANEER فلم دنانيير. Format: WORLDWIDE Set in the times of Arabian Nights this film tells the story of Dananeer, a poor bedouin girl with a beautiful voice. She is discovered and moves from her harsh desert life to the luxury and decadence of palaces and estates during the times of Harun Al Rashid. A classic film featuring some of the most critically acclaimed songs of Oum Kalthoum. Critics of the time said her voice was at ...